The Owners

About the Owners – Bubba and Margie

For years, Bubba and Margie Shivler have taken vacations staying at bed and breakfasts as a nightly destination during a two week vacation.   When pain issues took Margie to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, with time on his hands,  Bubba noticed an ad for Xanadu and suggested spending the weekend there.  But, during their stay, and learning the B&B was for sale, Bubba decided one visit wasn’t enough.  Having previously discussed the possibility of owning a B&B after Bubba’s retirement, Bubba decided this was the one!  Perfect in every way.  Location.  Tranquility.  On the water.  Private.  A resort and a B&B.  Projects for Bubba.  Retirement for Bubba.  Putting Margie back to work.   Entertaining for both of them.  Owning an island.  Sharing it with others.  Making new friends.  And with their vast experiences, it seemed a natural transition.

Bubba is a former architect who retired (the first time) at the age of 40 and moved from his native state of Florida to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  After a few years “in retirement” he opened a chain of barbeque restaurants aptly named Bubba’s Barbeque.  Serving two terms in the Wyoming state legislature led to a position working with the Governor of Wyoming as Director of the Wyoming School Facilities Commission,  a school construction and maintenance initiative for which he helped write the bill during his term.   Wanting to bow out gracefully during the Governor’s second term, Bubba purchased Xanadu—-and he was off—-to his fourth career!

Margie spent eight years as a home economics and food service teacher, was the Director of the Jackson Hole Senior Center and expanded on her home economics background into interior decorating and sales of home furnishings.  Entertaining comes naturally, so running Xanadu is second nature.  Having had a steady stream of house guests throughout the years, entertaining friends fits their lifestyle—it’s what they’ve always done.

Bubba and Margie welcome each and every one of you to come and enjoy their Minnesota home with them.